Frequently Asked Questions

e-Auctions are negotiations conducted via an online platform where Suppliers get the possibility of improving their proposals based on feedback and are considered to be the most transparent way of conducting negotiations.

Anyone be an executive of a company or an individual wishing to bid or participate in an online Auction event is a Bidder.

Each Auction is a highly confidential event conducted between the Auctioneer and a set of qualified Bidders on the Corporation's e Auctions platform. No outsider can view any aspect of an Auction event without proper authentication by Auctioneer and even then, a qualified Bidder can only view details of his own bids.

To participate as a Bidder, Registration is a simple process at UPFC Auctions on

Go to registration form. Select "Register as Individual or Organization" and fill out all required details and click on the 'Register' button. It is a simple registration form with minimum details for identification and security.

Yes, an Individual can register as a Bidder on UPFC e-Auctions platform. While registering, please write "Individual" in the Organization Name Field.

Click on "Forgot Password" link provided on Login page. You will be required to provide your registered email id and your login credentials will be mailed.

UPFC e-Auctions portal works well with all major browsers available. List of recommended browsers are.

I. Internet Explorer 8 and above

II. Safari

III. Google Chrome

IV. Mozilla Firefox

It is recommended to have an uninterrupted internet connection with speed of 256 KBPs or higher; please remember during the Auction process internet connection should not go off.